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Tales from our helpdesk - I’ve lost weeks of work

We had a call from one of our customers in a panic. The PowerPoint file they’d been working on was missing all the changes from the past two weeks.

We said, don’t panic!

We set up our customers in a way that ensures their data is kept safe. We can restore any file to any version over the last few weeks. In this case their files were stored in OneDrive (see our blog about this here) and we were able to restore the latest good version. From utter despair to total relief in the space of a 5 minute call.

For peace of mind, engage telanova as your IT team

IT supply chain attacks

IT supply chain attacks are becoming increasingly common, hackers will attack a smaller, less secure supplier of their target. If successful, the hackers will leverage their access at the small supplier to breach their target.

Think of it like a classic heist movie. The robbers don’t break directly into the bank - they break into the coffee shop next door and then tunnel through the basement.

Larger organisations are demanding their smaller suppliers comply with security policies and prove that they are safe to do business with.

We will help you:

  • Audit your security and suggest sensible changes and policies to make sure your business is secure
  • Prove that you are secure, by gaining accreditations such as Cyber Essentials.
  • We will guide you through any security requirements your customers may require from you
  • Help you implement policies to make sure your suppliers are secure - making sure they are not the weakest link either.

Electronic Vault / Archive

Having an Electronic Vault / Archive system preserves all your email and business documents, and allows quick and easy searching across your entire organisation. Providing many benefits:

  • Resolving disputes with customers or suppliers
  • Recovering deleted emails, e.g. a disgruntled leaver who empties their mailbox on their last day
  • Meeting compliance regulations

There are many different electronic vault / archive systems available. Which one is best for your business? It will depend on what you are currently using to store information.

If you are using Google’s G Suite / Workspace, the answer is easy, Google Vault.

If you are using Microsoft Office 365, the retention policies feature can fill this role. Be careful, as you will need a licence that includes it, the popular Microsoft 365 business standard does not.

If your data is spread across multiple vendor systems you might be better off with a standalone vault / archive solution that can cope with all of them.

Doesn’t my disaster recovery or backup system do this? No, most do not allow you to search them like an Electronic Vault / Archive system does.

We will guide you through the process of choosing the product that’s right for you. We will implement the solution. And we will train your colleagues. Contact us to make that happen.

Tales from our helpdesk: Turning the mountain back into a molehill

Recently a customer called up our helpdesk in a panic. “Everything’s down!”

We quickly established that the power was on in the building, and all the devices showed the appropriate green lights, so it seemed that everything ought to be working, except that it wasn’t. They didn’t have a connection to the internet, and in today’s environment that is everything.

After asking the right questions our helpdesk discovered that some contractors had been onsite, and they had unplugged some cables to get access to a wall. The customer thought the contractors had plugged them back in correctly.

We had our doubts and dispatched an engineer, who quickly spotted a missing cable, connected everything properly and got them back up and running.

That’s what we do. Fix things promptly and effectively, not making a big deal out of a crisis.

Spear phishing - how to protect your organization

“Phishing” emails are fraudulent emails which attempt to get you to open a malicious website, program or document. They are sent to thousands of people at once, so are usually something common and generic. They are playing a numbers game and only need <0.1% of recipients to fall for it to make it profitable. “Spear phishing” however is targeted at a specific individual, the attacker will have invested significant time identifying, researching and tailoring their approach to their target.

A recent example one of our customers faced worked like this - the attacker was following the business on linkedin, waiting for when a new employee joined. They then emailed the new employee from a free gmail account they had created with a similar name to the CEO. The first email was a simple welcome to the business. Then a couple of innocuous follow ups before the real attack - “Please could you quickly purchase £500 in amazon vouchers and send them to me? I need to send them to Joe Bloggs as a reward for referring a new client and I don’t have my card on me...”

It is crucial that cyber security awareness training is part of your new starter onboarding process. If you don’t have the budget for something more comprehensive the UK government’s national cyber security centre has some free training available here

Even if they are not involved in financial transactions, include your process for how a legitimate request like the one in the attack above would be made, such as “The CEO would email the request to the accounts team, and the accounts team would verify the request by calling the CEO back on the number they have on file.” Make sure they know that no one would ever be punished for insisting these procedures are followed.

Share this post to spread the word and prevent attacks like this from succeeding.

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