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Are you worried about a disaster affecting your business?

There are many types of disasters that can affect a business: fires, floods or even a global pandemic, there are two disaster strategy approaches:

  1. Wait for a disaster to hit and then deal with it
  2. OR
  3. Plan for different disasters, mitigate against the effects in advance, test your plan and execute it when one hits

One of the services we carry out for our clients is moving them from the first category, to the second, by designing and testing a disaster recovery strategy.

For a particular client, they needed a strategy that would get their IT systems restored within 24 hours even if everything was lost in a fire.

We drafted and implemented a strategy based around Cloud Hyper-V image backups to Microsoft Azure. Then verified it by restoring everything to temporary servers in Microsoft Azure. We timed the process from the first mouse click to the point staff could login remotely. Roughly 17 hours, well within their requirements. The restored system was then tested by several staff members to confirm all data was present and they had everything they needed to carry out their duties.

Do you want to be better prepared?

What happens when nobody is in?

We do 99% of our work remotely, connecting to the computer or server as though we were sitting in front of it. If a PC happens to be turned off or is unresponsive, we sometimes have to ask our customers to “switch it off and on again”.

But for a server it might not be that simple. Maybe no one is present, such as during this current lockdown, or if it’s in a secured server room, or it may occur out of usual office hours such as over a weekend or during a bank holiday under more “normal” times.

We could send an engineer on site - but there’s a better way: “out of band management” - and I don’t mean when Robbie left take that.

Inside the server is another tiny server we can connect to. This allows us to diagnose why it was unresponsive and control the power switch.

So that’s how we can reboot the server without the cost and delay of dispatching an engineer.

Contact us if you want an IT support company that knows all the tricks.

New Year's resolutions: Sort IT out

Many of our customers had new years resolutions In 2019 to improve their IT. Here are some of the projects we’re most proud of:

  1. For an accountant we replaced 3 servers and 15 PCs.
  2. For another accountant we moved their email to Office 365 and upgraded 50 PCs to Windows 10.
  3. For a school we moved their email to Office 365, replaced their single server and all 12 PCs.
  4. For a kitchen designer we moved their email to Office 365 and their files to OneDrive.
  5. For a parish council we replaced all 5 of their PCs.
  6. For a component distributor we simplified their virtual infrastructure.

In each case we advised them about their current set up and how to improve it. We provided support before, during and after to keep things running smoothly, and staff productive and happy.

Contact us if you have a New Year’s resolution to sort out your businesses IT in 2020

Are you an ambitious startup?

At telanova we enable businesses to achieve their ambitions by improving their IT, managing it properly and supporting the team.

We’ve guided many of our customers through the IT challenges that come with increasing employees, opening multiple offices and correcting the mistakes made by previous IT companies.

If you're an ambitious start up looking to grow 5 employees or more by the end of 2020 contact us.


Last Christmas, had IT support
But the very next day, the servers went down
This year, to save me from tears
I called telanova

Once bitten, and twice shy
So telanova
Keeps a watchful eye
Tell me, baby, How’s it been?
it's worked a whole year
Reli-bly for me.

Now, I know what a fool I'd been
But if you ask me now
I know i’ve done the right thing

This Christmas, they think that they’re safe
Before New year’s day, Remember to say
“This year to save you from tears
Call in telanova.”

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