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Phishing attempts are getting more dangerous

A teacher at a school we support, forwarded to us a suspicious email from a student’s parent. It was a phishing email with a link to a website that looked identical to the school’s. But it was fake and requested the teacher’s username and password.

Ultimately the hackers would be trying to get control of the school’s servers, get fake invoices paid, divert salary payments, install ransomware etc.

We advised the teacher to delete the email, to advise the parent that their email had been hacked and to warn the other teachers.

This was a school, but it could just as easily be a business, a charity etc.

We offer security awareness training coupled with regular testing to improve your staff’s skills at recognising phishing attempts, and protecting your organisation from damage.

Contact us to protect your business from phishing.

Tales from our helpdesk: website blocked abroad

Due to the pandemic a staff member at one of our customers was stuck in Germany and called our helpdesk with a major issue they were experiencing. Part of their job role is keeping abreast of industry specific research for which they pay a large subscription fee to access a particular website. But when they accessed the site in Germany they got this error:

“Access Denied - you are not authorized to access this site from outside the UK”

There are a couple of technical ways to get round this kind of region block:

  1. Connect back to a device in the UK (via remote desktop, TeamViewer etc) and then access the website - Unfortunately this customer did not have any spare devices in the UK that could be used.
  2. Use a VPN provider (like people use to stream US Netflix) - Among numerous other issues, this would risk the provider blocking their whole business.

Before trying a technical solution we suggested that they first contact the website provider to see if there were any other options. After explaining the situation the service provider created a separate account under the German wing of the site free of charge! A much better outcome than any technical solution.

If you would like a helpdesk that gives sound, practical IT advice, not just techie solutions.

Automating important but tedious IT chores

We don’t just do help desk, projects and maintenance. A significant part of our work is administration:

  • Setting up new starters
  • Processing leavers
  • Changing job titles, names and phone numbers,

There are often multiple systems on which to make these changes: PCs, Servers, Printers, Cloud services etc. It can take hours!

We do these tedious but important tasks for our customers, and because they’re tedious and susceptible to human error we optimize them and automate them!

For an accountant

Before we got involved, a staff member was taking over an hour to set up each new starter. We got the process down to 5 minutes.

For a school

We automated the annual class intake process. Creating the new student accounts, year group transitions, class memberships and archiving the leavers.

Other areas we have improved with automation

  • Email signatures
  • Changing properties on mass - such as brand names etc
  • Pushing out wifi credentials
  • Adding key websites to web browser favourites
  • Mapped drives
  • Deploying software
  • Deploying new hardware

Spending too much time on tedious but important IT chores, or avoiding them altogether?

Why would a business want to use web protection?

Web threats have increased over the past few years. From phishing sites to drive-by downloads, the dangers have never been greater. To stay safe, you need to make sure you have advanced malware protection.

Keep your employees safe

  • Check the reputation of each site before the browser loads it and block it if below a certain threshold. Protecting your employees from malware, phishing, adware, botnets etc.
  • Block harmful sites, such as hate crime, drug abuse, violence, nudity, gambling etc.
  • Keep users off sites that could cause a data breach and protect the business from the legal liability that comes with a data breach.

Improve productivity

  • Block unproductive sites, such as Facebook or Netflix during working hours e.g. 0800 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 18:00

Isn’t antivirus enough?

No, Antivirus offers very basic protection from opening ‘dodgy’ websites, nor blocking of inappropriate content or non-business websites.

Important files on desktops? Are they backed up regularly?

Have you got important documents on your desktop? Or has anyone else you know?

Are those documents backed up regularly? - Probably not!

OneDrive - part of Microsoft Office 365, has a useful feature that will store your Desktop, Documents and Pictures folders in the cloud, automatically back them up, and provide you access to them from a web browser on any device.

It’s pretty easy to switch on, but if you can’t trust your colleagues not to save important files on their desktop then you definitely can’t trust them to switch on the setting in OneDrive! This is where telanova can help, we can seamlessly enable the feature in the background for all your accounts and make sure it is enforced.

This is just one of many reasons why Office 365 is a no-brainer for small businesses and why you should choose telanova to unlock all the benefits for your business safely.

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