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Password Policies - The Final Lock On The Door

There are many elements to securing your business data, but one that gets widely overlooked is the inclusion of a strong password policy.  Although a 128 character password that is changed on a daily basis is secure, it is not that practical.  What policies can you apply to make unlawful access that little bit harder?

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Backup checklist - Part 3: Server Backup

Previously, I covered personal backup systems for your laptop or stand alone PC: how to ensure your backup system is doing what you need and that you’ll be able to recover your documents; your emails; your accounts; when you need to and the choices you have for your backup strategy (online vs local, delegation to cloud services, encryption)

In this post I’ll cover backing up a single server, or many servers at the same site. This post is for the business owner, or senior manager, with 5 to 50 computer users on their staff; and for the typical business of that size.

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Backup checklist - Part 2: What to look for

In my previous post I covered how to check your personal backup system (for your laptop or stand alone PC) to ensure that it’s doing what you need and that you’ll be able to recover your documents, emails, accounts etc when you need to.

In this post I’ll cover some of the more strategic choices you have, such as local vs online, backing up the operating system, cloud services, encryption, cost,  security, price.  I’ll follow up with a post on backup for enterprise servers and backups.

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Backup checklist - Is your backup doing what you think?

Backup data to the cloud


Backup is a bit like an insurance policy - if a disaster occurs you'll need it to deliver on its promises. But will it? Even if you've invested in the best backup technology, if you haven't set it up correctly, you'll be in for a nasty surprise. Here's our step by step guide to check your personal backup system and to correct any issues you discover.

In this article we're covering personal backup - the backup system installed just for your PC, your laptop, your email account etc. We'll be covering other types of backup (shared servers etc) in a subsequent post.

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