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Donating old computers safely

When giving away old computers it’s tempting to think - “All I need to do is just delete all the files, sorted.”

Unfortunately that’s not the case. When you delete a file, it actually just gets marked as deleted. There are plenty of free tools anyone can use to remove that deleted mark, making all the deleted files visible again. You also need to consider all the things that aren’t simple files, for example, saved logins to websites.

You may trust the person you give the computer to, but what happens when they’re finished with it? Whose hands might it end up in? In any case, the GDPR is quite clear that you should ensure all personal data is removed when a device is retired from the organisation.

The most fool proof way is to wipe the computer using a tool designed for that purpose. The operating system will need to be re-installed afterwards before the PC can be used again.

Many devices have a “restore to factory settings” option, but that relies on the manufacturer including a secure wipe during the process, many do not, or have it as an optional extra.

Engage telanova as your IT team and we will advise you so you can avoid potentially costly data protection mistakes.

Tales from the helpdesk - the slow laptop

A customer called our help desk recently because their laptop had suddenly started running slowly. Could we do something about it?

One of our team was able to quickly connect using our secure remote access software. While they were running through the standard checks to ensure there was no unusual activity due to malware or similar activity, they noticed that the laptop was running on battery power, and that the battery was at less than 40% capacity. They got the customer to plug the laptop into the mains, and the performance was instantly restored. Laptops will slow down to reduce their power consumption to extend battery life, and older batteries will drain more rapidly.

Result was a very happy customer, and it was all resolved within a couple of minutes.

This is just one example of how a well-trained and experienced Helpdesk can quickly get your users back to full productivity with the minimum of fuss, to find out more about how our helpdesk can help you contact telanova.

Preparing for Windows 11: Are your PCs compatible?

Windows 11 will run on business grade computers bought in the last 3 years. But older computers, budget devices and those aimed at the home sector may not be able to run it.

Microsoft are only supporting relatively modern CPUs (Intel 8th gen Core or Ryzen 2000) or higher. In addition to this your computer’s motherboard will need a security feature called a TPM. Business grade computers have shipped with TPMs for a long time, but those aimed at the budget and home market may lack this functionality.

You can check the official requirements here. Microsoft will be releasing a compatibility checker in the near future

To meet these requirements often requires replacing most of the internal components. Which can be more expensive than buying a new PC.

We audit our customers' systems and advise on their most suitable path to Windows 11.

Windows 11 is here!

Today is Windows 11 launch day - Here are a few features that that might tempt you to upgrade

  • Secure by default - Windows 11 has many of the optional security features from previous versions turned on by default as well as security improvements.
  • Teams integration - With many businesses adopting teams over the pandemic, Microsoft has tightly integrated it into their desktop. Chatting or calling a colleague via teams is now much more natural and easier.
  • Design - yes it has a more Mac-like modern design - but more importantly they have improved the way applications snap and align. If you are using multiple screens or a touch device this is going to make life easier.

You’ll want all these benefits for your organisation and you’ll want telanova to overcome the technical hurdles explained:

Why get business class warranty?

Why do we recommend a business-class warranty that covers the expected life of IT hardware?

In the long run it’s cheaper.

When a computer, laptop or server breaks outside of warranty you’ll need to identify the faulty part and then source it. You may find that the manufacturer no longer has the part for sale. You might be able to source one from a 3rd party seller or resort to 2nd hand parts from ebay. You’ll then need to wait for delivery and get an engineer to replace it. This process can take weeks. Not to mention how much the business would suffer in lost time.

With a business-class warranty your server, workstation or laptop is fixed on site the same day or next. But beware of consumer class warranties! Typically with a consumer class warranty you’ll need to send your hardware away to be fixed, leaving you without a working system for a week or more.

Navigating the manufacturer's support process is difficult and time-consuming for a non-techie. We handle it much quicker as we speak their language.

Engage telanova as your IT team and we’ll make hardware recommendations that make sense for your business and manage it all for you.

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