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Are your employees always forgetting to set an out of office?


Are your employees always forgetting to set an out of office? With Office 365 it is possible to give someone the ability to set anyone's out of office. If you want an IT team capable of doing this for you then contact us!

To give someone the ability to set anyone’s out of office

  1. Login to the Office 365 admin portal -
  2. Go to the Exchange admin centre
  3. Select “permissions” from the left-hand menu
  4. Select “admin roles”
  5. Double click on “Recipient Management”
  6. Under the “Member” section, click the + icon
  7. Double click each account you want to give this permission and then click “OK”
  8. Click “Save”

To set someone else’s out of office

  1. Login to the Exchange Control Panel -
  2. Click your initials/picture in the top right
  3. Click the “Another user…” link
  4. Double click the user you want to set
  5. Select “organize email” in the left-hand menu
  6. Select “automatic replies”
  7. Set as you wish and click the “Save” button

Is your data safe?

You may think that because you have a password on your laptop, your data is safe.

This is wrong!

Anyone can use a USB stick (with free, openly available software on it) to get all your files, data and even email, without having to know your password.

If you leave your laptop on the bus or it's stolen from your car, any data on it can be accessed. Not only could this be damaging to your business, but it also has serious GDPR consequences.

The only way to make a laptop or PC secure is encryption. Encryption scrambles your data to make it unreadable. Unless you have the key to unscramble it, the data is unusable

Modern operating systems have encryption features built in. Not only can this be used to protect your laptop or PC it can also encrypt USB sticks and servers. Not only is this good security practice but it also gives you the peace of mind that if something unfortunate should happen, any data will be unreadable.

If you would like to talk about how we can help your business keep your data secure  - please get in touch.


Still using Exchange 2010? It's time for action

Two out of our top 10 customers are currently using on premise Exchange server 2010 for their email. One has about 50 employees whilst the other 100. Exchange 2010 is hitting end of life in January 2020. Microsoft will stop supporting it making it unsafe to use after that date.

There are two realistic migration options for Exchange server 2010: either replace the server or move your email to the cloud. For businesses of this size, it doesn’t make sense to have an on-premise email server. Working with our customer we devised a plan and have started a migration to Office 365.

Office 365 isn’t just cloud email it can also help make a business's entire IT better. It allows your employees to work anywhere and collaborate easily whilst providing you with the latest software and security. The subscription based model means it can easily scale with your business.

If you would like to talk about how we can help your business migrate from Exchange server 2010 - please get in touch.

Multiple fail-overs are important


One of our clients had a hard drive fail in a server last week - if the server had died and taken a couple of days to fix, they would have lost a significant amount of revenue from being unable to work. 

However, we specc'd the server with mirrored (RAID 1) hot-swappable drives. If one drive fails the server carries on uninterrupted. The customer didn't even notice the failure and the hard drive was replaced under warranty. Business continuity is very important, especially to this customer - so we built-in multiple failovers: an entire server could die and they would be back up and running in minutes.


If you would like to talk about how we can help your business from stopping IT failures causing days of downtime  - please get in touch.

Are you upgrading from Windows 7 to 10?

As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, Windows 7 will stop being supported in January 2020.

We have already helped many businesses upgrade from Windows 7. We help guide them to the best solution for their budget, replace outright, upgrade or a mixture. We then plan and handle all the headaches.

We normally create a custom Windows 10 image, with all their LOB (line of business) applications pre-installed which is then very quick to deploy to multiple PCs at once. We can even empower them to deploy it themselves in the future.

If you would like to talk about how we can help your business upgrade to window 10 please get in touch.


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