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Backup checklist - Part 2: What to look for

In my previous post I covered how to check your personal backup system (for your laptop or stand alone PC) to ensure that it’s doing what you need and that you’ll be able to recover your documents, emails, accounts etc when you need to.

In this post I’ll cover some of the more strategic choices you have, such as local vs online, backing up the operating system, cloud services, encryption, cost,  security, price.  I’ll follow up with a post on backup for enterprise servers and backups.

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Backup checklist - Is your backup doing what you think?

Backup data to the cloud


Backup is a bit like an insurance policy - if a disaster occurs you'll need it to deliver on its promises. But will it? Even if you've invested in the best backup technology, if you haven't set it up correctly, you'll be in for a nasty surprise. Here's our step by step guide to check your personal backup system and to correct any issues you discover.

In this article we're covering personal backup - the backup system installed just for your PC, your laptop, your email account etc. We'll be covering other types of backup (shared servers etc) in a subsequent post.

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Life as an IT apprentice at telanova

My story…

After spending my childhood tinkering and playing with computers, and other electronics, I decided that I wanted to take my passion for IT and technology and turn it into a career. In the beginning I wanted to go to college and get all the qualifications I could and then just apply for a job at an IT company, but then I realised that the qualifications are so broad, it never really prepares you for a real career in IT, so many people out there have a GCSE or a BTEC in IT, it just didn’t make me stand out from the crowd.

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Laptop encryption, why you need it

Do you lock the doors of your house when you are not in?  I hope the majority answer to this question is "yes of course I do, this isn't Canada you know!" This leads me to my next question. Are your organisation laptops encrypted? The answer to this question should be the same as the first but I bet it isn't. 

No I don't think you all are spies before you ask, but I do think you should all be at least aware of why laptop encryption is a necessity for EVERY organisation and not just the ones that send their payslips to employees titled agent. 

Let me quickly explain what encryption is and why you need it.

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Is your business secure?

Yes you say! You ensure the doors are double locked when the last employee leaves the office for the day and have a door code that is the length of your arm that changes every two weeks. You even have a decent CCTV system setup that catches the most insignificant of suspicious movements and alerts you by text message that a crisp packet blew past the front door. Ok so unless someone comes up with an ingenious plan that resembles a plot close to the Italian Job your business is safe. Right?

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