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Tales from our helpdesk: Mr. S. Claus...

Our helpdesk received a call from Mr. S. Claus, who wanted some help with his important deadline coming up.

His business was manufacturing/direct delivery - all year long he stays at his headquarters, in the Arctic, but once a year he travels all over the world, delivering to his clients.  His old email service, provided by his ISP, was straining under the volume of email from clients (mostly children) with what they wanted in this year.  He needed to change to reliable email system, able to cope with the huge number of emails  and he wanted to change quickly.

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What happens to your business if employees can't get into the office?

Snow day Provisioning

Though the concept of a white Christmas may bring joy to the hearts of children everywhere, it can chill a business to the bone!   As the holiday season rolls in, bringing with it harsh weather, terrible winds, the potential for flooding and of course, the chaos of hectic roads, we are once again reminded of the risk and potential loss of revenue for any business.   

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Wifi for staff and visitors

Customers and staff expect access to wifi at your premises, for very good reasons. If you simply give them the wireless code for your network, you'll expose your servers to attack from devices you don't control. You may have confidence in your guests' integrity, that they wouldn't deliberately hack into your servers, but malware could be running on their devices without their knowledge. So how can you provide guest wifi whilst also protecting your network?

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Understanding the benefits of email signature software

Almost every business recognises the importance of a professional looking brand and this is reflected in logos, websites and sales collateral. However, the brand image ‘ball’ seems to be dropped when it comes to email signatures.

Just how do you manage multiple employee email signatures? Can you control the look and feel of the emails your staff send daily to customers and suppliers? Are they cutting and pasting your company logo into Outlook manually? Does every employee use the same font and style in their email signature or are there multiple versions in circulation? Do they even use an email signature when using a mobile device? And what would happen if your company address or telephone number changed? Would everyone remember to update this?

To complicate matters further, have you given any consideration to how your employees email signature looks when viewed on a mobile phone or tablet? Other businesses judge you (and your company) not just by the content of your emails, but also by the look of your email and the signature you use to sign off. With clients and suppliers viewing your emails on multiple mobile devices and email clients it’s possible that your email signature could contain distorted images, fonts and uneven spacing - rendering it amateurish at best.

Taking control of the email signature situation

The good news is you don’t need to employ an army of IT consultants to address the email signature conundrum. We work with market-leading companies such as Clearformat and Exclaimer to create world-class email signatures to address the issues outlined above.

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