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Windows XP - how bad will it be when Microsoft ends support on 8 April?

Quite a few customers ask whether it's safe to run Windows XP after 8 April when Microsoft ends support and ceases issuing security updates. They point out they'll still have antivirus, firewalls and server passwords to protect them. Is it really the cliff edge that it's made out to be? Our advice is yes, it really is that big a risk.

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First steps for securing mobile device access: iPhone, iPad, Android etc

Smartphones are fantastic. I can respond to emails from clients, suppliers and partners wherever I am. Using apps like Drive, Dropbox etc we can share important information. But what if I lose that phone - how do I stop people using it, getting access to client information, or otherwise harming my business?

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When broadband isn't fast enough

The reality of broadband internet speeds doesn't live up to advertisers' headline rates. The upstream rate, for information flowing from your servers at HQ to people working remotely, is only 5% of the headline downstream rate, and the downstream rate is less than 1% of the speed of your local network. As a company grows with more people working from home, or working at other offices, what do you do next?

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PCs and laptops are too complex and troublesome

For most people, PCs and laptops are too complex, too troublesome and too expensive, especially now you can offload so much to the cloud. Why waste time on antivirus, backup, drivers, service packs, upgrades etc? I've been keeping my eye on Chromebooks since they were launched a couple of years ago. Four weeks ago a new Chromebook came out, the Samsung series 3, and I just had to buy one. I love it: it starts up in just 8 seconds, it's as light as a feather, silent, runs six hours on battery, all for just £200+VAT.

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Buy Apple Mac instead of HP or Dell?

Now Apple is the most valuable company of all time, is this a signal to buy an Apple Mac for my business network instead of an HP or Dell running Windows?

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