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Manage your mobile devices before it’s too late

Most people have a phone with business contacts, emails and even documents accessible to them anywhere anytime.

Which is great - until they lose it (or it’s stolen)

The person who finds it could be a “bad actor” - I don’t mean Nicolas Cage, I mean someone who will sell the phone on the black market. The phone itself is not what they’re after - they want to use it to make money, through stealing your data or ransoming your files. Not to mention the potential ICO breach fines.

Basic mobile device management is included in most business email systems for free and can ensure mobile devices are encrypted and have passcodes. If one is lost or stolen it can be remotely wiped.

It is typically not enabled by default and needs someone knowledgeable, like telanova, to set it up.

Contact us to set up mobile device management for your organization.

Control your devices without a server

Microsoft 365 Business Premium provides functions you previously needed an on-premise server for:

  • Centralised logins - No need to share passwords, or manually create logins on each computer for each person
  • Automatically pushing out apps to all your devices - such as Office, Chrome, etc
  • Enforcing security policies - such as password strength or screen locking
  • Controlling automatic updates
  • Automating device deployment
  • And more

Microsoft 365 Business Premium also includes everything in Microsoft 365 Business Standard (Previously Office 365 Business Premium)

  • Microsoft Office desktop applications
  • Exchange Online (Email)
  • Sharepoint / OneDrive (File sharing)
  • Etc

Contact us to take control of your devices without the downsides of a server.

Keep your WiFi and phones running during a power outage

We recently replaced a UPS for one of our customers.

So what’s a UPS? It’s a Universal Power Supply. It’s a giant intelligent battery that keeps equipment going in the event of a power cut - it will shut down the servers before the battery runs out.

Our customer had frequent power cuts and asked if the UPS could also keep the internet and phones powered - that’s at least 5 extra pieces of equipment - for at least 45 minutes. So we identified everything that needed power to keep the internet and phones on and worked out the power consumption. We supplied a UPS with enough capacity to run this and installed it carefully making sure everything needed was connected.

Soon after we installed it they had a power cut. The UPS kept the desk phones and WiFi powered. The servers shutdown without any data loss. Our customer is happy.

VoIP telephones typically just need the internet to work and are often powered by a central network switch. This makes them easy to power via a UPS. Internet components (routers firewalls etc) and Wifi access points (which can also be powered by a switch) can easily be added to a UPS as well.

Telanova will buy your organisation precious uptime for your communication lines in the event of a power cut.

Interested in maximising uptime?

Enforcing a consistent email signature across your organization

Making sure your employees have set an email signature with the same style, branding and information can be a major hassle. It’s manageable when you’re small, but as you start to grow, it’s a real time waster, especially as employees typically send email from multiple devices - laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

That's why we set up our customers with the Exclaimer cloud email signature service. Each employee gets the business’s signature added to every email, whatever device it's sent from.

With Exclaimer it’s very simple to promote new products or show off an award. Just update the central template and everybody’s emails will immediately go out with the new information. Exclaimer works with both Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) and Google Workspaces (formerly Google G Suite).

Contact us if you want your employees to have professional email signatures.

How much damage could a colleague do accidentally or deliberately?

A criminal offered a Tesla employee a million dollars to run a program on his work computer. Luckily for Tesla, they reported it and Tesla worked with the authorities to catch the baddies. If the employee had run that program, Tesla likely would have been held to ransom, had their intellectual property stolen etc.

This is a high profile case against a huge organisation, but it is a sign of things to come and will trickle down to small and medium businesses.

Businesses need to protect their IT from employees in other, more ordinary circumstances, eg:

  • Deleting everything in their email mailbox before they leave because they honestly believe it’s right thing to do
  • Deleting information if they are sacked or about to be
  • Stealing information from the business before they leave a company
  • Access systems after they have left the company

Small businesses are especially vulnerable as many give all employees access to almost everything. One of the best steps any business can take is to adopt a “Principle of Least Privilege”. Each employee has the minimum access to perform their job and nothing more. A good place to start is:

  • Remove admin rights on devices
  • Remove admin rights on cloud/web services
  • Limit access within line of business applications
  • Structure files/folders and limit access

At telanova, we are experts at making sure employees can access what they need to do their job, while limiting access to everything else. Engage telanova as your IT team and we will secure your systems.

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