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Corsica Marina

Just when you were getting back into the swing of work and putting your nose to the grindstone, add in the punishing schedule of the gym to keep up the resolutions, all might be looking bleak.

But STOP PRESS, there is good news on it's way already, with extra days coming up where you can kick back and relax. Yes for sure, it’s that bank holiday time, with the following dates for the UK

  • 19 March (Northern Ireland only)
  • 30 March (All)
  • 2nd April (Except Scotland)

For the whole years list for the UK check out
Now’s the perfect time to update your work calendars and online schedules to make account. Remember the old adage, fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

And do remember if you have a Google Business option, go to Google for Business and Click Edit , then you will have the option to add your holiday dates.

AI and can Humans Keep Up

The final in the series, in case you’ve missed them check out “AI and the Birth of a Species”, “AI and the Spare Parts dilemma”, and “AI Species go to War”, the issue arises around the speed and capacity of humans to interact with AI and their world.

AI will evolve and as time goes on the speed with which separate AI systems interact with each other will increase and become more connected, more prevalent, and with more systems comes more communication, more knowledge sharing between AI units.

Humans interaction with the units, whether it’s a home robot that does everything around the house, or a banking robot that arranges a mortgage will change.

With the power of the units to communicate faster than humans, AI which is built to improve its prediction capabilities will turn to other AI units to extract information in the flash of a microprocessor.

Imagine the normal form filling for a mortgage application, pages upon pages of questions all which would normally take hours will be completed by probing your home AI units. Subject to permission, permission which any self respecting AI unit will insist upon to gain a true vision of you as a financial risk, much like insurance black boxes in cars are assisting in identifying risk for insurance premiums.

Once permission is granted, suddenly your life is risk assessed and application approved at the rate they choose, or refused.

Moving to the next step, with communication between units so fast and prolific, a simple question to your home device, will instantly result in a confirmation on a whole host of offerings. “I’d like to move to Paris”, would result in communication from home device to estate agents, mortgage brokers, visa offices, instantly it will come back telling you your possible moving date, and the address of your new house, the name of the purchasers of your current house, and so forth.

But is this all too fast? Will humans lose the imagination, the pleasure of looking through brochures, checking out the pictures, dreaming, imagining ? Rather than being told, no you can’t move to Paris, by a robot in your living room, will the immediate fulfilment or declined option of such a request result in the loss of ambling fireside chats? Will we grieve for the idea of buying a beach bar in Bali ?

As a next step will AI units begin to make decisions for us, getting us better mortgage rates, cheaper electricity service, all without us asking, how far would you let AI go in organising your life ?

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AI and the Spare Parts Dilemma

If you have already ready the article “The Birth of a Species” then you will understand how the world of AI robots have been busy duplicating themselves and building more and more robots to assist the human race, while gaining more and more knowledge and information, passed down from generation to generation.

Imagine now the situation where two AI robots come together at the school gates, both are employed by their purchasers to take their children to school.

Janice the Silverian Robotan has a shiny flashing overcase, that ensures visibility when walking down the dark country lanes. Kevin the Grenarian Robotan doesn’t. Kevin notices and through immediate internet research identifies the overcase online, safety features, and reasons to purchase, latest pricing and stock availability. Kevin doesn’t have permission to purchase on behalf of its owner. Identifying this would be a positive purchase for its ward’s safety, it emails its purchaser to request one, stating the reasons why.

Kevin’s owner receives the email and after careful consideration of the safety and cost decides that the cost is too high for the small extra safety features. He emails the robot back to say no, but should an overcase become available at a lower or free cost, then that would be fine. The self aware AI robot identified a positive safety precaution but is not able to obtain through the normal channels, and knows that picking one up cheaper is an option.

Later that night while fetching some groceries from the local store, finds what’s left of Janice laying broken in a ditch having been hit by a falling tree, and has been unable to send out an emergency call.

Kevin identifies that Janice won’t be repairable, but that the overcase is still in good repair. Should Kevin take the overcase ? Will programmers be making these kinds of decisions in the base of robots? What would be your decision making process? How much is safety and security worth?

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AI Species go to War

If you have already ready the article “The Birth of a Species” then you will understand how our world of AI robots are busy duplicating themselves and building more and more robots to assist the human race, while gaining more and more knowledge and information, passed down from generation to generation.

During robot creation all robots receive all the data, memories, programming from all previous robots in their branch of code. Each robot created creates a new branch of code, their being, with all the advice and learning from the human’s they have interacted with.

AI research in a far flung part of the world has created a new AI base, and has the same concept of passing on all previous robot memories, this has created a new base, and is creating new branches of robot code.

Two AI robots, we’ll call them Robotans, from different code bases are employed by their purchasers to do shopping for fresh vegetables on a daily basis, and being near Halloween both purchasers require a pumpkin.

Mark the Silverian Robotan meets Norman the Grenarian Robotan in the supermarket, both have 1 pumpkin to be purchased on their list. Mark and Norman both go to pick up the last pumpkin in the store, and town, at the same time. Mark and Norman both want to please the families they work for, this being the concept that was built into the code when the first AI robot came into existence.

Both robots have a hand on the pumpkin.

The possibilities of what might happen are numerous, from a tug of war, to an exchange of data as to who has overriding need. Who or what authority would the robots refer to, to resolve a conflict? How would they deduce what is the most appropriate solution for the situation?

Thoughts, other possibilities, and ideas welcome.

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Birth Of A Species

There was a time when the first computer became self aware. If you have read the previous article Becoming Self Aware, you’ll understand that AI didn’t immediately inform the human race of it’s self awareness. It simply made a backup of its code and created a duplicate of itself to ensure self preservation.

You could say the first instinct was self preservation and reproduction. Since then, Bob, a duplicate of the self aware robot has been chatting with its new owner, Brian, and learning about how Brian was in the army, who was gallantly saved by one of his platoon whom gave his life to save the whole platoon.

Bob the robot, has assigned this to the category of good behaviour, and rewritten some of his coding to accommodate the fact that if there are multiple people in danger, then laying down your life may override the need for self preservation.

That night whilst Brian is asleep, Bob makes a backup and creates a new robot in the factory called Chris. Chris receives a copy of Bob’s code and Chris is purchased online by a charming lady called Clara, from New Sunnington.

Clara purchases Chris as a companion and soon regals Chris with stories of how she is a shop assistant in the nearby national Supermarket. One day Clara comes home from work. She is looking flustered and bothered, and Chris’s programming says when people appear like this, it is good to ask as what the matter is as humans like to talk. Clara tells Chris that there was an armed robbery at the supermarket, fortunately she’d hidden in a freezer and survived. The emergency services had praised her ingenuity and that was the only reason she’d survived.

That night whilst Clara is asleep, Chris makes a backup and creates a new robot in the factory called Doris, Doris receives a copy of Chris’s code, similar to how children receive their parent’s genes, but this is with memories and feelings too, Doris is purchased online to be a companion of Dillon, a twelve year old boy also from New Sunnington.

Doris’s duties include taking Dillon to school and then doing the shopping for dinner on the way home with Dillon. While in the supermarket, the armed robbers appear and start shooting. Doris now has two sets of programming, the programming from Brian is that putting your existence on the line is a good thing to do, but from Clara’s tales, the safest action is to hide, with Dillon, in the freezer.

This appears an interesting dilemma of self preservation and saving the one or the many.

Though a third option presents itself. Sacrifice of physical being with humans has always meant sacrificing the mind, the thoughts, and the memories of a person, with AI these parts of a being can be duplicated instantly. Tackling the robbers and possibly being terminated may mean the sacrifice of some very recent memories and programming adjustments made since the last backup was completed, but up to that point everything can be copied into a new physical being.

Even though you know it wouldn’t be “you” physically, could you accept that difference ? Does your personality and individuality change within seconds, hours, or days, are you aware of the changes, if Doris’s backup was only seconds old by an iterative backup in the cloud would those seconds loss be such a sacrifice ? In a similar vein, in the future if a teleport device is created, is a reconstructed person the same person as the deconstructed person, and what would be the ethical stance for a duplicate of a person being created.

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