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Providing advice, consultancy, helpdesk, monitoring and maintenance, updates, upgrades, security: all the things your in-house team would do, but better and at a fraction of the cost and hassle.

Benefit 4 of 8: Monitoring IT equipment 24/7

Benefit 4 of 8: Monitoring IT equipment 24/7. Monitoring tells us when something is wrong, or about to go wrong, so that we proactively fix lurking issues before they become major business problems. We tailor the precise monitoring checks to each customers’ environment. Some common ones are:


Was the backup successful? When you need to restore from backup you don’t want to find out they’ve been failing for months.

Physical Hard drive status

There are warning signs leading up to most hard drive failures. Replacing a drive before it fails completely results in less downtime and data loss. Servers usually have RAID to keep running even with a single disk failure, but if no one’s monitoring it, you won’t know to replace the failed disk before the next one fails.

Disk space

Running out leads to database errors, file system errors etc which are time consuming and problematic to resolve.

Anti-malware status

Is it running? Up to date? Scanned recently? Infected? A single infected device can lead to the whole organization being held to ransom.

Windows update and other patches

Are all recent updates installed? Have any failed? A single unpatched device can lead to the whole organization being held to ransom.

Hard drive encryption status

The GDPR is quite clear that laptop hard drives must be encrypted. If an unencrypted laptop is lost or stolen it could lead to data breach resulting in a fine.

Number of failed logins

Is a hacker attempting to brute force access the device? This could be a sign that something else on the network is compromised.

Windows services

Are critical services running? Such as for your line of business applications. No one wants to arrive in the morning to find out their critical application isn’t working.

You can’t rely on a staff member reporting these issues as they rarely do in a timely manner. The business then risks downtime, ransomware, GDPR breaches and fines.

Engage telanova as your IT team and we will monitor your IT equipment 24/7, minimizing your downtime, and increasing your profitability.

Benefit 3 of 8: IT consultancy that’s real-world advice, not corporate buzzwords.

Benefit 3 of 8: Telanova provides IT consultancy that’s real-world advice, not corporate buzzwords.

We don’t waste time talking about synergy, blue skies, moving the needle or disruptive paradigm shifts. We speak the customer’s language, we design a solution and we implement it.

A customer asked us to speed up their business. Every time they got an order it was taking them ages to process. We identified multiple factors that we could target:

  • Their database was running on mechanical disks, not solid-state, which was impacting overall performance. We upgraded all servers to solid-state disks which gave everything a boost.
  • We optimised the way their virtual servers used the underlying hardware - high performance where it was needed.
  • Their SAP business software was opening a folder with 400,000 files in it. This is slow on any computer as the operating system tries to list all the files. Although nothing could be done about this folder, we stopped SAP users from opening it by default, resulting in improved performance

This resulted in a happy customer!.

We speak to the people using IT to find out what would make the most difference, as well as looking at the bigger picture.

The next time you hear someone befuddled by corporate IT speak, you know what to do: arrange for us to call them!

Benefit 1 of 8: general IT advice

Benefit 1 of 8: general IT advice. A recent example was when a customer asked us: “a client wants to connect with me over Slack. What is Slack? I have never heard of it, is it safe?”

We explained that Slack was a messaging and team collaboration tool, similar to Microsoft Teams, but a bit easier to use across multiple different companies. The usual caveats about only sharing with people you trust still apply.

Another customer wanted advice before purchasing a new laptop for a member of staff. They travelled extensively and therefore a very small and light laptop was the most important factor and outweighed the lower productivity from a small screen, performance, and battery life etc. We identified the best performing laptop within their budget, configured for the end user and delivered it.

Another example of the advice we give is preparing IT budgets. How to maximise the return on investment, e.g. which devices need urgently replacing, which can be deferred etc.

Wouldn’t you like an outsourced IT company that feels like your own? Contact us today!

Benefit 2 of 8: access to our help desk

Benefit 2 of 8: access to our help desk based in Bracknell. Our helpdesk is staffed with real engineers, not robots reading from a script. Our customers’ staff can call our helpdesk for any IT difficulty.

Whether it's something simple like “How do I set an out of office?” or major like “I’ve accidentally deleted everything”, we connect remotely to their computer and help them sort it; and if possible we’ll teach them how to do it themselves in the future. You’ll be on first name terms with our engineers and feel like our helpdesk is part of your own team.

Wouldn’t you like an outsourced IT company that feels like your own? Contact us today!

Can ex-employees access your systems?

30% of ex-employees can still access their previous employers files and email. So they could maliciously delete, spy, tamper or sell information.

Even if they have no malicious intent - having an unused and unmonitored account means no one may notice if it is compromised.

It is a huge GDPR fail.

That’s why telanova has a leaver procedure for our customers: This includes:

  • Do we need to do anything before they leave?
  • Reset passwords
  • Disable accounts
  • Change “shared” passwords (e.g. Wi-Fi)
  • Grant their manager access to their email and files
  • Remotely wipe business data from personal devices
  • Remove them from phone systems, websites etc
  • Set an out of office message

Engage telanova as your IT team and we will advise you so you can avoid potentially costly data protection mistakes.

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