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New Year's resolutions: Sort IT out

Many of our customers had new years resolutions In 2019 to improve their IT. Here are some of the projects we’re most proud of:

  1. For an accountant we replaced 3 servers and 15 PCs.
  2. For another accountant we moved their email to Office 365 and upgraded 50 PCs to Windows 10.
  3. For a school we moved their email to Office 365, replaced their single server and all 12 PCs.
  4. For a kitchen designer we moved their email to Office 365 and their files to OneDrive.
  5. For a parish council we replaced all 5 of their PCs.
  6. For a component distributor we simplified their virtual infrastructure.

In each case we advised them about their current set up and how to improve it. We provided support before, during and after to keep things running smoothly, and staff productive and happy.

Contact us if you have a New Year’s resolution to sort out your businesses IT in 2020


Last Christmas, had IT support
But the very next day, the servers went down
This year, to save me from tears
I called telanova

Once bitten, and twice shy
So telanova
Keeps a watchful eye
Tell me, baby, How’s it been?
it's worked a whole year
Reli-bly for me.

Now, I know what a fool I'd been
But if you ask me now
I know i’ve done the right thing

This Christmas, they think that they’re safe
Before New year’s day, Remember to say
“This year to save you from tears
Call in telanova.”

The struggle of installing software

Installing software is tricky and time consuming. Reading complicated instructions, taking backups, going round each machine running the install, waiting for it to finish and then hoping it’s successful. All this when you have real work to do.

This is why our customers get us to do it for them. We know techniques that make it much more efficient. We prepare for and implement software installs, working around busy schedules... We do this for complex systems used by accountants, distributors, lawyers, kitchen designers and schools.

Want us to take away the hassle?

We fix 99% of issues remotely

We fix 99% of issues remotely. Why is that better?

It means we can get to the root of the problem faster. We see exactly what’s happening on the customer screen, straight away, in real-time. We get the relevant details while it’s fresh in the customer's mind.

If we send out an engineer for every problem, the customer has to wait for the engineer to get there and begin troubleshooting, and by this time the customer has forgotten important details.

Investigating remotely provides an immediate and efficient service to customers when things go wrong.

Contact us if you’re fed up of waiting for IT to arrive and fix your problems

Are your employee's email signatures in unison?

Making sure your employees have set an email signature with the same style, branding and information can be a major pain. It’s manageable when you’re small, but as you start to grow, and as your employees have more and more devices it can be a real time waster.

This is why we set our customers up with a cloud signature service instead. Each employee automatically gets the businesses signature added to every email, no matter the device. It also enables you to easily promote new products or services, just update the central template and all your employee's emails go out with the promotion.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help your business please get in touch.

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