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Disaster recovery hardware

One of the benefits we provide our managed customers is that we maintain a fleet of disaster recovery (DR) hardware. Not just spare PCs and Monitors but Servers, Firewalls, Switches, Routers and Wireless access points.

Recently this came into its own when a firewall at one of our customer’s sites failed. One of our engineers was able to grab a DR firewall, restore the customer’s backup file, drive to site and get them up and running straight away. No waiting for a replacement.

If you want less down time, in the event of a disaster, contact us

2 Factor authentication

In the last year the threat of being phished has gone through the roof. The spoofed emails have become more convincing and harder to identify. The outcome from being phished is also much worse. They used to just send spam from your account but now they have more tricks:

  1. Send a change of bank details notice to your payroll administrator so on payday your salary is transferred to the attacker
  2. Target the person in charge of payments in your business and attempt to compromise them via emails from your account
  3. Intercept a valid invoice from one of your suppliers and change the bank details

The simplest and best way to prevent these phishing attacks from being successful is to enable 2FA in your business.

Contact us here if you are interested

Moved everything to the cloud? What about disaster recovery

Moved everything to the cloud? It’s tempting to think “I don't need a disaster recovery plan”.

The cloud has risks too. Although more reliable than a server in your office, it’s not 100%. What if Office 365 went down? An extended power cut? An employee maliciously or accidentally deleted all your files?

Without protection against these you're stuffed. Without a plan everyone runs around like headless chickens making the consequences much worse. Without testing you have no idea if it works.

Contact us if you don’t have a disaster recovery plan or haven’t tested it.

Phone call fraudster

Recently a fraudster called a CEO and used a deepfake voice synthesizer to impersonate the voice of his boss at their parent company. They then instructed them to make a payment of £200,000. The CEO recognized the voice and proceeded with the payment as per their procedures.

We stay on top of security news for our customers and warn and work with them to prevent losses like this. In this instance the fraud could have been prevented if their procedures included verifying the payment details by calling back via a known number. It is also important that other protections are in place such as two factor authentication, display name spoofing protection etc.

Want to know more? call us

Moved everything to the cloud? What about Encryption

Moved everything to the cloud? It’s tempting to think “I don’t need hard drive encryption on my laptops, there’s nothing important there”.

Without encryption, if someone stole your laptop they could easily extract any saved passwords, and then use them maliciously, e.g. stealing, deleting or ransoming all the information you have stored in the cloud.

With encryption you are safe in the knowledge that no one can extract any passwords from the laptop.

Contact us if you want to secure your information.

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