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Tales from our helpdesk: Is changing a router just like a light bulb?

What’s the difference between changing a light bulb and changing a router...?

BT told our customer to unplug their old router and plug in the new one; just like changing a light bulb.

Our customer called us asking why the internet was down, no one could print and their WiFi had disappeared!

We dispatched an engineer immediately and asked him to leave the issue with us. He could focus on his business while we sorted it all out. We set up the new router the same as the old router and got everything running.

Contact us if you want to get on with what you're good at and leave the IT to us.

Moved everything to the cloud? What about malware?

Moved everything to the cloud? It’s tempting to think “I don’t need anti-malware on my devices, there’s nothing there anyone wants”

Without anti-malware a keylogger would capture everything you type, including passwords, bank details and confidential client information.

Your devices could be used as part of a botnet, causing your ISP to suspend your internet connection.

Ransomware would render your device unusable even though there’s no information to encrypt

Think of the damage to your business's reputation.

Contact us to prevent these problems.

Protecting your business from bank transfer fraud

One of the fastest growing IT challenges businesses face today is the number of bank transfer fraud attempts. Below is an example of how a fraudster will carry one out:

  1. Scout out your business online - your website, linkedin etc
  2. Make a sales enquiry to obtain your branding
  3. Sign up for a free email address using your business owner’s or key employee’s name and setup an identical email signature
  4. Start an email conversation with one of your accounts team, usually something simple to get an email conversation going
  5. If their target replies, they reply with an urgent request, something like an overdue invoice, to make a transfer to the fraudsters bank account.

If anyone were to check the actual email address they would realise that the email didn’t come from the right address, but most email clients only show the display name, not the email address. These emails, done the right way, are virtually undetectable by spam filters.

How can you protect your business?

If you use Office 365 one method is to setup a transport rule as per this Microsoft blog post

If you use Google G Suite follow the "Turn on spoofing and authentication protection" section on G Suite Admin Help: Advanced phishing and malware protection.

Better still, get us to do this for you and continue to protect your business against this and other risks

Moved everything to the cloud? What about your internet connection?

Moved everything to the cloud? It’s tempting to think “our servers are no longer a single point of failure, job done!” But what about your internet connection? Isn’t that a single point of failure? And now even more critical..

Even if you have a leased line, they can still fail. The contract with your ISP may entitle you to some compensation but it will in no way compensate you for the damage to your business.

So what do you do? Ideally, you need at least two different ISPs and technologies, e.g. leased line + 4G/5G. And two firewalls that will seamlessly switch over in the event of failure.

If the internet is crucial to your business, and whose isn’t! Contact us about staying online if the worst should happen.

Moved everything to the cloud? What about everything else

Why would a business with remote desktops in the cloud need telanova? Chances are the remote desktop provider's support will only go so far as the specific remote desktop service they provide. They won’t support

  • PCs
  • Laptops
  • The customer's internet connection
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Wifi
  • Antimalware
  • Local log in

It’s tempting to think “if something goes wrong I can just throw it away and buy a new one”. Yes, you can but you can’t replace reputation, privacy, security, lost time...

Telanova supports the whole lot. We’re the glue that bonds IT together.

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