We fix 99% of issues remotely

telanova: the outsourced IT team that feels like your own

Providing advice, consultancy, helpdesk, monitoring and maintenance, updates, upgrades, security: all the things your in-house team would do, but better and at a fraction of the cost and hassle.

We fix 99% of issues remotely

We fix 99% of issues remotely. Why is that better?

It means we can get to the root of the problem faster. We see exactly what’s happening on the customer screen, straight away, in real-time. We get the relevant details while it’s fresh in the customer's mind.

If we send out an engineer for every problem, the customer has to wait for the engineer to get there and begin troubleshooting, and by this time the customer has forgotten important details.

Investigating remotely provides an immediate and efficient service to customers when things go wrong.

Contact us if you’re fed up of waiting for IT to arrive and fix your problems

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