IT supply chain attacks

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IT supply chain attacks

IT supply chain attacks are becoming increasingly common, hackers will attack a smaller, less secure supplier of their target. If successful, the hackers will leverage their access at the small supplier to breach their target.

Think of it like a classic heist movie. The robbers don’t break directly into the bank - they break into the coffee shop next door and then tunnel through the basement.

Larger organisations are demanding their smaller suppliers comply with security policies and prove that they are safe to do business with.

We will help you:

  • Audit your security and suggest sensible changes and policies to make sure your business is secure
  • Prove that you are secure, by gaining accreditations such as Cyber Essentials.
  • We will guide you through any security requirements your customers may require from you
  • Help you implement policies to make sure your suppliers are secure - making sure they are not the weakest link either.

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