When things don’t go to plan...

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Providing advice, consultancy, helpdesk, monitoring and maintenance, updates, upgrades, security: all the things your in-house team would do, but better and at a fraction of the cost and hassle.

When things don’t go to plan...

A customer called us who’d just had their office remodelled and realised there had been a miscommunication with their electrician. The customer had asked their electrician to install some network cables along with the rest of the electrical work. His quote specified he was installing the network cables in the wall, but didn’t include the actual network sockets. Unfortunately the customer didn’t spot the omission.

The customer needed to move into the remodelled office within a couple of days. No cabling company would commit to coming out for such a small job quickly. Cabling isn’t our business, but for our customers we go the extra mile. We dusted off our cabling tools and got the job done.

You won’t get this flexibility (and resourcefulness) from other IT support companies

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