Windows 11: let’s take a deeper dive. This week, Business applications.

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Windows 11: let’s take a deeper dive. This week, Business applications.

Can you identify your critical business applications? They might be Payroll software from a company such as iRis or design software from Articad, they may even be something that is highly specific and niche to your industry, and as such, these apps could be even more important to your business than email!

Has the software producer tested it and assured you that it will run on Windows 11? If not, what are your alternatives?

  • Stay on Windows 10
  • Migrate to different Business apps
  • Retain some key Windows 10 machines specifically for those apps

The alternatives each have downsides

  • Support for Windows 10 will eventually expire
  • It may be very expensive or difficult to switch to new applications
  • Having even a single older machine on unsupported software is a potential attack vector

Talk to your contacts and ask them whether they know their Business apps are ready for Windows 11 and refer them to telanova who will guide them through the minefield of upgrading to Windows 11

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