Windows XP - how bad will it be when Microsoft ends support on 8 April?

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Windows XP - how bad will it be when Microsoft ends support on 8 April?

For criminal hackers 8 April is party time. Their viruses and their other rogue creations exploit vulnerabilities in the software you use every day. You can block some of those vulnerabilities using antivirus, some using a firewall, but for the others you need Microsoft's security updates. Often those vulnerabilities are within common software components shared by many of Microsoft's software packages. From 8 April, criminal minds will dissect each security update Microsoft publishes correcting vulnerabilities in Windows Server 2003, Vista etc, in order to exploit equivalent unprotected vulnerabilities in Windows XP and gain control of your Windows XP computer. For further details, refer to this post.

So why would anyone bother hacking into your small business' PC? Because there's a lot of money to be made taking control of the millions of small business computers. Criminal minds don't go to the bother and expense of buying computers, electricity, internet bandwidth when they can use yours for free! They'll probably want to wiretap your credit card details and bank login too.

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