Why standardise on Windows 8 for your business

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Why standardise on Windows 8 for your business

Consistency: Windows 8 is the only operating system that can power tablets, laptops and desktop PCs. Inconsistency, using a mish mash of iPad, Android, Mac, XP etc, leads to unpredictability and inefficiency. Will your sales presentations and demonstrations actually work on all these devices? What are the risks you might leak sensitive information via one of these devices, and how much time, effort and money do you need to spend securing each one? Standardising on Windows 8 makes things simpler and more predictable.

Security: your business' resources are a tempting target for organised crime. 8 in 10 small UK firms were hacked last year, with £65,000 damage per attack, according to a recent UK government survey. Windows 8 is the first operating system to use UEFI secure boot to ensure a rootkit hasn't invaded your system, and other vendors' antivirus software will be more effective. Windows 8 will help you keep up in the arms race against organised crime.

More productive: everyone will benefit from the faster start up, and more advanced users will benefit from the modern user interface and modern apps. The new "tiled" start screen makes a lot of sense with the trend towards a greater number of smaller apps instead of huge applications like Word. It's also a much simpler interface: staff who currently struggle setting up or losing desktop icons will find this much easier.

Better for laptops and tablets: providing your most talented staff the best laptops or tablets makes good business sense - making best use of "dead" time in between appointments, when out of the office, etc. So the new touchscreen features, battery power lasting longer with the new "Connected Standby" mode, lower 3g/4g data charges as Windows updates etc are suspended, better remote connections to HQ will help your business edge ahead of the competition by getting a bit more done each day.

End of life: Microsoft will cease support for Windows XP in April 2014. It's effectively obsolete now. And yet nearly 40% of PCs are still running XP. It probably costs your business more to keep it going, when you factor in the risks, inefficiencies and opportunity costs.

Next steps: start planning your strategy for desktop PCs, laptops and tablets. Whichever direction you go, there may be some challenges to overcome, such as verifying compatibility with your line of business applications, integration with your network, staff training etc, so you'll need an IT company with the experience and expertise to help you: please email our team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 01344 567990.  if you'd like telanova to take the hassle out of your IT.

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