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Compromised email accounts

Over 1 million email accounts get compromised each month. In the past if your email account was compromised it was probably just used for sending spam, if you were a victim, you would just reset your password and forget about it. Nowadays hackers are more sophisticated and are looking for a bigger payoff. Below are several costly actions a hacker might carry out if they gained access to your or a colleague’s email account.

Change of bank account notification for salary payments

The hacker will email the person in your organization responsible for payroll with a change of bank account notification. Since the email is from your actual email account, not a forgery, they will not be able to tell it was sent by the hacker.

Change of bank account notification your customers

The hacker will email your customers with a change of bank account notification. Since the email is from your actual email account, not a forgery, your customers will not be able to tell it was sent by the hacker.

Intercept supplier invoice

The hacker will intercept a legitimate invoice from one of your suppliers and change the bank details to a bank account they control.

Other social engineering

The hacker will email your colleagues with attempts to get a further foothold within your organisation. Either malicious documents infected with malware or phishing to compromise more email accounts.

How can you protect yourself and your organization?

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

The best protection is to enforce MFA on all email accounts in your organization. Both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace have policies you can enable to force everyone to set it up.


Most successful attacks involve human failure at some level. Make sure your staff are aware of the risks, understand how these attacks work, the warning signs, and who to report them to. The UK’s National Cyber Security Center has some free training that is quite good


Ensure your organization’s, suppliers’, and customers’ processes all include verifying any bank detail change via two independent methods.

Cyber Insurance

Recovering from a cyber incident could be ruinous to many organizations. Consider taking out cyber insurance to make sure you can get back on your feet.

Engage telanova as your IT team and we will advise you on appropriate security strategies for your organization and implement them.

Benefit 8 of 8: Improving IT

Benefit 8 of 8: Improving IT

At telanova we don’t just accept the status quo - we look for ways to improve IT for our customers, with benefits such as:

  • Speed - streamline processes, eliminate bottlenecks. Customers get more work done in the same amount of time.
  • Reliability - Identify and remove the causes of downtime - Customers spend less time unable to work.
  • Security - reduce risk of data breaches, ransomware attacks etc. As well as systems to get organisations working again if cyber criminals strike.
  • Reduce costs
    • moving to the cloud, replacing servers that have high ongoing costs,
    • ensuring customers don’t buy more than they need.

Contact us to find out the great ways telanova will improve your business.

Benefit 6 of 8: IT Security

One of our clients inadvertently clicked on a dodgy link - it didn’t seem to do anything and they got on with their day. However, it was designed to silently execute malware, undetected by regular anti-virus and maliciously encrypt the files on the entire system. Then issue a ransom demand.

However, our next-generation security monitoring alerted us to suspicious activity. We remotely isolated the computer from the network. We checked that this wasn’t a false positive. We rolled back the computer to a state before the incident completely removing the threat.

You can read our full blog on the advantages of next-gen antivirus here. But in summary, instead of relying on someone experiencing a virus or attack before - it monitors the behaviour of programs running on your device and takes action on anything suspicious. Not only will it flag the issue, but also quarantine and isolate the device from the network to stop the issue from spreading. It offers a roll-back function, to restore the device from a time before infection.

Anti-virus is only part of the security jigsaw - other security services we provide:

  • Managed and monitored device encryption - if a device is stolen you can be confident the data on it can not be accessed.
  • Managed and monitored authentication - we make sure passwords are strong, two- factor authentication is implemented and detect brute force password attacks.
  • Managed and monitored firewalls and network infrastructure - The devices we install are configured with security in mind - if you want a secure VPN into the office - we make sure this is implemented in the most secure way possible.
  • Managed and monitored patch management - the latest security updates will protect you from “zero-day” vulnerability that will allow hackers into your systems.

telanova manages and monitors our clients’ security and take prompt action when there is a potential issue. Many other IT providers do not.

Contact us to make sure your IT security is up to scratch

Benefit 7 of 8: Designing, implementing and supporting new IT

Benefit 7 of 8: We are experts at designing, implementing and supporting new IT systems. Some examples are:

IT for startups

A local startup had only 8 employees but had big growth plans for the future and needed their IT to keep up. We set up Google Workspace as their platform for email, document storage and collaboration. We trained them how to use it properly to its full potential and supported them in its use. We have solved many other IT challenges for them, such as specifying the right laptops to meet the needs of each staff member, scaling their office network, and implementing a VOIP phone system. 4 years later and they’ve grown to 50+ employees.

New branch offices

A kitchen designer wanted to expand into a new area by opening a showroom in a nearby town. They needed a secure link to their line of business application in their HQ, and also fast shared storage for CAD work as they would have in-house designers on site. We designed the new showroom network, expanded capacity on their back office HQ based servers, spec’d suitable PCs for their designers and other staff members and implemented the whole thing.

Document management systems

An accountant wanted to add a document management system as they were wasting too much time cataloging, storing, tracking and archiving important documents. After evaluating several different solutions they picked Virtual Cabinet. We analysed their budget, performance and estimated growth needs and specified an appropriate server. We installed the server, liaised with Virtual Cabinet to install the software, and rolled out the client software to all their devices.

Secure Wi-Fi for visitors

A parish council wanted to add secure guest WiFi for one of their halls. They especially wanted guests to agree to terms and conditions before being able to access the internet. We installed and configured a Unifi controller and access points at the hall. Guests connect to a special network which cannot access the internal parish council network and must also click an agree button before gaining access to the internet.

Cloud platforms

A school had purchased a new cloud SaaS application to manage some back office functions. Rather than having another set of usernames and passwords for this new SaaS app, we configured it to connect to their existing Microsoft 365 service for authentication.

Work from home solutions

We have implemented remote access solutions for every budget. From the low end - secure VPN and remote desktop to a PC in the office. To the high end - Remote desktop server farm with Duo multi factor authentication.

End-user devices like PCs, laptops etc

While everyone loves the speed of a brand new device, the downtime while swapping over is frustrating. That’s why our main aim when deploying new end-user devices is to make that downtime as small as possible. We accomplish in a few different ways

  1. Doing as much setup as possible in our own offices before visiting the customer’s site
  2. Setting up our customer’s systems in a way that facilitates easy transfer
  3. Leveraging automation tools wherever possible e.g. Autopilot, Intune, Group policies etc

What are your plans for the business next year? We'll solve your IT challenges.

Benefit 5 of 8: IT maintenance

To keep your car running smoothly, you go to a reputable mechanic and get your car serviced. Well your IT systems need maintenance too.

Some of the ways in which we maintain our customers’ IT systems are

Patches and Updates

Although Microsoft Windows has a built-in update feature it doesn’t update all the software on a computer. Unpatched programs like the popular Adobe Reader can become the unlocked door for malicious actors to compromise a computer. Our remote management and monitoring software will automatically deploy patches as they become available to keep our customers’ computers updated.

Setting up new starters

When creating a new account it is important to give the user the correct permissions. If they are copied from an existing user it is possible that they may get access to data they shouldn’t have - you don’t want to give a probationer the keys to the kingdom! Start with the basic permissions and then add others as the person becomes more experienced, trained and trusted.

Closing down leavers’ accounts

This needs to be done promptly for security reasons. For instance, if the person has left under a cloud and their account is still accessible, they may be tempted to do something spiteful such as delete, corrupt or ransom data. As soon as we are given the date and time that a person’s employment is terminated, we reset the password to a complex randomly-generated one, and disable the account from signing in. Then after an interval determined by the needs of the customer, the account will be deleted. In many situations removing an account deletes all the data - mailboxes and files owned by that account, but for compliance situations, data may need to be retained for a number of years, so we work with our customers to ensure that data is retained when appropriate to do so, using either a data vault system or by transferring ownership to another member of staff.

Replacing parts

Parts wear out or get damaged. It’s a fact of life. Where a device is still under warranty we work with the vendor to get them replaced, saving the customer the hassle of dealing with the process. If the device isn’t under warranty or the damage has voided the warranty, it may be cheaper for one of our technicians to replace the component. Memory and Storage, screens, motherboards, laptop keyboards, trackpads and batteries, we have replaced all these.

It is not just laptops that have batteries! All computers have a small battery on board. This battery helps the computer keep the basic settings it uses when booting up the PC. These can fail, especially if the PC has been in service for longer than recommended. Our technicians replace the battery and give the PC a new lease of life.

Servers are normally attached to an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) so that in the event of a power cut the server can be closed down gracefully and avoid any data loss. These batteries should be replaced every three years or so. We monitor the health of the batteries in our customers' UPS systems and replace them before they fail.

Cleaning out cruft

Cruft is all the old junk files that build up in the background and fill up your hard drive. Hard drives seem to fill up quickly and this is a result of Microsoft Windows making backups of files before it applies updates, creating log files, and various system reports from those infamous “Blue Screens of Death”. We monitor the available space on our customers' computers and proactively clear out this cruft before it starts to impact performance.

Telanova maintain systems *every day*, not just once a year.

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