• Bank Holidays 2018 - It's time to remember to update for May 2018

    May Day Bank Holiday 2018

    With only 4 weeks to go before the first of the May bank holidays, have you prepared your opening hours and booked your relaxation therapies if you’re not working.

    With the out of office functions set and scheduled, you should be all ready well ahead of schedule for the 2 bank holidays in the UK which are

    • 7 May
    • 28 May

    *Please note sunshine and nice weather is not guaranteed. Although the 2nd Bank holiday may be quite nice according to

    For the whole years list for the UK check out

    And if you have a Google Business page, go to Google for Business and Click Edit , then you will have the option to add your holiday dates there too.


  • Does Google really give you the answers you want ?

    Google Search

    Many of us have been there, you want to book a hotel, you have a rough idea of where, when, how much to spend etc. You enter a search, and 4 hours later you are still trying to find a booking that matches what you need. Every additional search shows more and more possibilities without giving you the ideal answer.

    A recent study shows that the current methods of search and discovery are ending up meeting only around 51% of our functional properties, and when it comes to quality and price it can be as low as 16% satisfaction.

    The recent paper by Messaoud WB at the Universite de la Manouba, ran a study using traditional and a version of Behavioural Web Service Discovery (B-WSD) (B-WSD Approach and Validation: Use Satisfaction Survey Nov 2017). Looking at the different areas of needs of a consumer and surveying how satisfied the consumer was after the selection was made in each area, including Functional Properties, Non-Functional, Execution cost, Quality/Price, Waiting time.

    In conclusion the way searching is performed now, with the explosion of data on the internet, is not always meeting our needs. Using B-WSD, a sequence of operations of a web service, leads to a translation of the the consumers needs, and once the problem is analysed B-WSD approach proposes the modelling of a discovery system allowing a search to be developed according to customer data.


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