• Life as an IT apprentice at telanova

    My story…

    After spending my childhood tinkering and playing with computers, and other electronics, I decided that I wanted to take my passion for IT and technology and turn it into a career. In the beginning I wanted to go to college and get all the qualifications I could and then just apply for a job at an IT company, but then I realised that the qualifications are so broad, it never really prepares you for a real career in IT, so many people out there have a GCSE or a BTEC in IT, it just didn’t make me stand out from the crowd.

  • Meet Jon Hobson

    What is your job at telanova? Primarily, I work with Paul designing and implementing IT solutions for our customers.  When Adam needs me, I drop into the support team as a 3rd line engineer.  I also look after our internal information systems, making sure our engineers have the resources they need to do their jobs.

  • Meet Paul Grigg

    What is your job at telanova? As telanova’s Principal Systems Engineer, the buck stops with me for technical matters, whether that’s implementing a new systems architecture for customers’ more complex requirements (e.g. virtual private networks across multiple sites) or troubleshooting customers’ more complex problems that go beyond day to day support requests (e.g. Disaster Recovery).

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