I dropped my phone into the water

Knowledge Base

I dropped my phone into the water


Heavy rain / Swimming pool / Washing up bowl / another source of water

Error / Condition

Phone is wet , what should I do


1. If it is still on, power it off NOW!
2. Shake the phone to get our as much water as possible
3. If possible remove all parts such as casing, headphones, SD card, sim card, battery, covers etc.
4. Use a vacuum, or blower, to get rid of more water from all the parts
5. Use a heated air source eg. fan to help speed up the process
6. Find a bag and fill with one of the following, placing the phone in the middle of the filling.
Fill with one of Cat litter, Silica Gel, Instant Oats, Instant Rice
7. Leave for 8 hours or more to allow the filling will absorb more of the moisture.

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