Google asks for a Captcha when changing preferences.

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Google asks for a Captcha when changing preferences.

Since November 2017 if you change your search preferences to 100 results Google will ask you to confirm that you are not a robot.

This is to confirm that it hasn't been done by a rogue script or by automated crawling robots.

Here's how you change the number of results to a Google search.

1. Search for something on
2. Click on the "Settings" word underneath the search box

3. Click on the "Search Settings" in the menu that drops down
4. Drag the block to 100 (or whichever number you wish) , for the number of results per page.
5. Click Save at the bottom
6. If you have chosen 100 you will get the captcha box, tick to say you are not a robot and click submit.

Your number of results per page has been changed.

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