Online backup for your business data - in the cloud

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Whether you want to protect one workstation or multiple servers we have a backup solution for you

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Solo online backup for workstations

Solo backup protects workstations with unlimited offsite storage

If you keep valuable data on your PC, laptop or Mac then you'll want to protect them.  Whether you accidentally delete a file or your device is stolen you can rest assured to know that you can get the data back.  Online backup protects your valuable files by keeping a copy online, in the cloud.  Our solo backup works on PCs, laptops or Macs and is a hassle free secure solution to keep your data safe.

  • Why do I need Online Backup? +

    Over 60% of users have lost irreplaceable data through drive failure, fire, theft or simply accidental error. Our backup system protects you from losing your data forever.
  • Is Online Backup really unlimited - it sounds too good to be true? +

    Yes, you can backup as much as you want without worrying about it. 20% of our customers have 100 gigabytes or more; 5% have 4 Terabytes or more.
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Bambu online backup for servers

Bambu™ is a total backup solution providing both on site and off site secure backup of your business data.

The data stored on your servers needs protecting.  Our bambu online backup solution provides secure, offsite (in the cloud), reliable protection for your valuable data.

You can have the benefit of an onsite backup, for fast restoration of files, with the security of an offsite copy for disaster recovery should the worse happen.

We use European data centres for compliance with the Data Protection Act and use strong military grade encryption.

Protect every aspect of your business with full support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Vmware, Hyper V, Exchange, MS SQL server, Active Directory, System State (including Windows server 2012) and open files.

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