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Just fix my IT when it goes wrong

"I'll risk some downtime, but please fix it when it goes wrong"

If your business is not totally dependent on IT, but when your IT goes wrong you need expert assistance, then this page is for you.

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Maintain my servers and fix my IT

"I can cope with downtime for individual workstations but I want my servers properly managed"

If IT is important to your business, you want your servers managed and problems resolved quickly then this is the page for you.

We offer simple, scalable IT support plans with fixed monthly fees but no lock-in so your support can change as you do.  Our foundation and central IT support plans are ideal for small businesses with their own server:  

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Every minute of downtime is serious

"Every minute of downtime for anyone in my business is a serious issue!"

If your business cannot function without IT this page is for you.  Our fixed monthly IT support plan proactively monitors servers that host important data/applications/services to resolve issues before they impact on your business and ensures employees have reliable, up-to-date workstations. 

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