Cavendish Medical

Cavendish Medical

"I was delighted and impressed with Telanova’s can do attitude, skilful planning and execution. The move went very well and we’re very happy with our system; it’s much better and more reliable."

David Browne, Director at Cavendish Medical

Project Background

Cavendish Medical Ltd, a leader in providing financial services to the medical profession, is based in London with around 30 users.  They asked Telanova, who were already managing their IT, to move their systems to new offices with the minimum of down time.

The majority of Cavendish’s daily work is carried out on-line. Prior to the move the internet connection was very unstable so there were periods when they couldn't work.

It was Telanova’s responsibility to make sure the move ran smoothly and that the future infrastructure limited any further issues.

Project Objectives

In discussing the infrastructure for the new premises telanova suggested the following improvements:

  • Business class firewall with the following capabilities:
    • Dual Internet with load balancing and automated fail-over
    • Secure client VPN
    • Dynamic DNS
  • Two internet connections from different providers, so the below services would still work if one of them went down:
    • Internet access
    • Remote VPN access
    • Email delivery
  • Rack server cabinet to:
    • Maximise available space
    • Increase security
    • Increase ventilation

A new approach to the connectivity was introduced with two load balanced auto fail-over connections to ensure constant connectivity and delivery of mission critical applications.

With the introduction of dynamic DNS, no matter which connection was currently active remote users would be able to connect to the office network via VPN.

Careful planning and preparation was required for the move to go smoothly

  • Prior to the move:
    • Both new internet connections would need to be operational
    • Racking and structured cabling needed to be installed and tested
    • The new firewall needed to be installed and fail-over tested
  • On the day of the move:
    • DNS needed updating
    • Mail flow needed updating
    • Remote users needed re-configuring

Move day

I can report that everything went according to plan. Cavendish moved in to their new offices with minimal downtime.

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