AI and can Humans Keep Up


AI and can Humans Keep Up

The final in the series, in case you’ve missed them check out “AI and the Birth of a Species”, “AI and the Spare Parts dilemma”, and “AI Species go to War”, the issue arises around the speed and capacity of humans to interact with AI and their world.

AI will evolve and as time goes on the speed with which separate AI systems interact with each other will increase and become more connected, more prevalent, and with more systems comes more communication, more knowledge sharing between AI units.

Humans interaction with the units, whether it’s a home robot that does everything around the house, or a banking robot that arranges a mortgage will change.

With the power of the units to communicate faster than humans, AI which is built to improve its prediction capabilities will turn to other AI units to extract information in the flash of a microprocessor.

Imagine the normal form filling for a mortgage application, pages upon pages of questions all which would normally take hours will be completed by probing your home AI units. Subject to permission, permission which any self respecting AI unit will insist upon to gain a true vision of you as a financial risk, much like insurance black boxes in cars are assisting in identifying risk for insurance premiums.

Once permission is granted, suddenly your life is risk assessed and application approved at the rate they choose, or refused.

Moving to the next step, with communication between units so fast and prolific, a simple question to your home device, will instantly result in a confirmation on a whole host of offerings. “I’d like to move to Paris”, would result in communication from home device to estate agents, mortgage brokers, visa offices, instantly it will come back telling you your possible moving date, and the address of your new house, the name of the purchasers of your current house, and so forth.

But is this all too fast? Will humans lose the imagination, the pleasure of looking through brochures, checking out the pictures, dreaming, imagining ? Rather than being told, no you can’t move to Paris, by a robot in your living room, will the immediate fulfilment or declined option of such a request result in the loss of ambling fireside chats? Will we grieve for the idea of buying a beach bar in Bali ?

As a next step will AI units begin to make decisions for us, getting us better mortgage rates, cheaper electricity service, all without us asking, how far would you let AI go in organising your life ?

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