AI Species go to War


AI Species go to War

If you have already ready the article “The Birth of a Species” then you will understand how our world of AI robots are busy duplicating themselves and building more and more robots to assist the human race, while gaining more and more knowledge and information, passed down from generation to generation.

During robot creation all robots receive all the data, memories, programming from all previous robots in their branch of code. Each robot created creates a new branch of code, their being, with all the advice and learning from the human’s they have interacted with.

AI research in a far flung part of the world has created a new AI base, and has the same concept of passing on all previous robot memories, this has created a new base, and is creating new branches of robot code.

Two AI robots, we’ll call them Robotans, from different code bases are employed by their purchasers to do shopping for fresh vegetables on a daily basis, and being near Halloween both purchasers require a pumpkin.

Mark the Silverian Robotan meets Norman the Grenarian Robotan in the supermarket, both have 1 pumpkin to be purchased on their list. Mark and Norman both go to pick up the last pumpkin in the store, and town, at the same time. Mark and Norman both want to please the families they work for, this being the concept that was built into the code when the first AI robot came into existence.

Both robots have a hand on the pumpkin.

The possibilities of what might happen are numerous, from a tug of war, to an exchange of data as to who has overriding need. Who or what authority would the robots refer to, to resolve a conflict? How would they deduce what is the most appropriate solution for the situation?

Thoughts, other possibilities, and ideas welcome.

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