Kick Back and Relax


Kick back and relax

Corsica Marina

Just when you were getting back into the swing of work and putting your nose to the grindstone, add in the punishing schedule of the gym to keep up the resolutions, all might be looking bleak.

But STOP PRESS, there is good news on it's way already, with extra days coming up where you can kick back and relax. Yes for sure, it’s that bank holiday time, with the following dates for the UK

  • 19 March (Northern Ireland only)
  • 30 March (All)
  • 2nd April (Except Scotland)

For the whole years list for the UK check out
Now’s the perfect time to update your work calendars and online schedules to make account. Remember the old adage, fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

And do remember if you have a Google Business option, go to Google for Business and Click Edit , then you will have the option to add your holiday dates.

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