Flash Player Zero Day Vulnerability Feb 2018

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Flash Player - New Vulnerability

South Korea's Computer Emergency Response Team

News broke on Wednesday 31st January 2018 from KRCert that a new Zero Day vulnerability is circulating and users of Flash need to take action

Quick Points

  • Products affected are : Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtime, Adobe Flash Player for Google Chrome, Adobe Flash Player for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11.
  • Affected versions are and earlier.
  • Adobe will be releasing a security update on 5th February 2018, it is recommended that you uninstall / disable Flash Player until its release.
  • Using the exploit hackers can take control of the infected device
  • The exploit can be used via malicious MS Office files.
  • Web browsing through any browser is at risk until the patch is released.

Reduce the Risk

Uninstall Flash, or do not visit untrusted/unknown websites, avoid viewing email attachments with unknown origin, update your anti-virus to the latest version and enable real-time monitoring

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