Your teams are being targeted

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Your teams are being targeted

Sharks circling targeting users

Like spearing fish in a barrel.

The sharks are circling.

Advances in technology have seen great benefits to humankind as a whole. Each step forward for mankind, sees an additional step forward for the criminal underground.

Machine learning is becoming more wide spread. If your company uses Adwords, you may well be using their own machine learning on which of your adverts performs better based on the demographic and information of the person they display the advert to.

In the past many of us will have received an email purporting to be from a bank or parcel carrier that we’ve never used. You may well have become accustomed to saying to yourself, but I don’t have a Western Union account etc.

What now if the machine learning was reading your public social media, of you and your friends and tailoring the email or social post to match what you wanted to see. Imagine if you suddenly saw a post on your social feed that said
I know you went to insert place last year and I wondered if you’d seen these photos of the place insert sample image ,
catch up soon
insert a name of a friend

  • How closely would you look at the poster's signature
  • Would you click and check out the photos ?
  • What if it said update your Adobe Reader / Gallery Pack software when you did ?
  • Did it all seem legit ?
  • What if on the gallery page you visit theirs more social engineering, such as donate to just giving page ?
  • What would your employees and friends do ?

In research published this month shows that by using machine learning to facilitate socially engineered phishing campaigns they are achieving a 5-14% better rate of return.

  • How does a 5-14% higher chance of breach fare with your company?
  • When and how did you last assess your risk of attack?
  • What action have you taken to reduce that risk ?
  • Are you ready for the onslaught ?
  • What actions have you already taken to upskill your employees?
  • What packages are there that can assist you ?

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